How is an Artform

Hello Creative Friends,

I'm excited to back for this episode. It's been a minute, and I'm hoping by late 2021, Secret Sauce will be getting a new facelift and more regular content for YOU.

In this episode we talk about how "THE HOW" in our art-making is just as artistic as the WHAT. I tell some stories about how I've seen this play out in my own life and career, however as always the stories are about YOU. I'd like to make a case that when artists focus on how they make things, it's a game changer for art, work and life. In many ways, the HOW is the X-Factor in creative industries. It's the thing that differentiates some artists from the many. It's hard to quantify, and our culture still struggles with the invisible things. Thankfully artists have a leg up here. Listen as we talk about ways you can incorporate conscious use of process and "how" in your own art... and of course work and life. 

This episode was sponsored by The HeART School:  The Art isn't what we MAKE. The Art is YOU. Join to see how making things with others creates more calm, peace and presence in your life. Discover the joy of being embraced by others on your creative adventures.


Welcome to Secret Sauce, a podcast about the secret ingredients in life and work, hosted by Becca Borrelli.Secret Sauce explores artistry as a helpful framework for inspiring meaning and understanding in our everyday lives. 
Becca is an illustrator-educator and part founder of Austin-based female maker collective: Lemon House. She spends most of her time designing adult coloring books, interactive murals, and speaking to organizations about mindfulness, meditation and the benefits of art-making. Clients include Visa, Dell Children’s Hospital, Austin Independent School District, University Hospital- Cleveland, the Austin Downtown Alliance and the Anti-Defamation League. 
Becca is most inspired by the invisible connections between all things. Her work aims to be a playful, bright, and hopeful interpretation of the world's whimsical and magical sides. She has fallen in love with her hometown in Austin, where she spends free time exploring nature and hunting for breakfast tacos with her husband and their super-pups Layla and Rose. 
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